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Консултанти по кърмене оказват помощ и подкрепа на кърмещи майки в цялата страна.

Национален телефон на консултантите по кърмене 0896  418 488


Christmas challenge

The story of a dream

As 2011 draws to a close we are looking back with affection at all the joys and worries we have shared in the past 12 months with you, the mothers. Having met our goals, having completed a successful round of training for consultants and health professionals, the start of the new round of training for 2012 – all that inspires us to look forward to reaching new heights in the New Year.

Christmas is that time of year when everyone shares their most cherished wishes and hopes for their dreams to come true. We at NABS also have a dream: to do our training for volunteer breastfeeding consultants and health professionals outside of Sofia, in a place in Bulgaria, where it has never been done before. The first step to fulfill our dream has already been made. A friend gave us a great idea, and we embraced it: write a letter to Santa Claus.

We calculated that if all our friends, each one of you, donates 3 BGN (equals to €1.54 or $2.05), you would be that very real Santa Claus who will help us raise the 5,670 BGN necessary to carry out Training 2013 in a different city! This is what it will take for us to be able to share our knowledge with mothers and health professionals in other regions of our country. This is how you can help us! The amount above will cover projected expenses such as renting a hall, transportation, training materials and all that is necessary to run a training course that lasts more than six months. Imagine how much this means to us!


3 х ? = training outside of Sofia :)

Dear friend, you can be our awesome Santa Claus and team up with us to ensure support for successful breastfeeding will go to more mothers! Click here to donate 3 BGN and make this dream possible! Thank you!


National Association for Breastfeeding Support

National Hotline for Breastfeeding Support: +359 896 418 488
Facebook: www.facebook.com/podkrepa.za.karmene
Skype: podkrepa.za.karmene

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